Why Should You Choose Progressive School Lettings?

Why Should You Choose PSL?

We create a WIN-WIN partnership model between us and the school, as income that is generated from the school’s facilities is split.

We are both invested in making sure that the partnership works and there is no cost involved to the school.

We take care of fully managing everything from day to day operations and promotion of the school’s facilities freeing staff up to concentrate on what you are good at, which is providing a great education to your pupils.

Additional School Benefits

Improved generation income

Improved attendace

Improve Your Schools Reputation

Impact on community wellbeing

Community Cohesion

Decrease in anti-social behaviour

Pupil Recruitment

What You’ll Receive From Us…

  • We employ a site leisure assistant to manage the opening and closing of the site and to be there to manage customer relationships. All staff are DBS checked and covered under our company insurance.
  • Directors will do site visits to quality control the service provided
  • We create a dedicated web page to manage facility bookings
  • We’ll send you monthly management reports measuring key financial and performance information.
  • We undertake all the promotion of the site, from social media, banners and flyers.

Also, if the school need access to site facilities for an event or some reason, then bookings will be simply re-scheduled.