The hirer shall be responsible person aged 18 years minimum and shall be the person making the application as an individual or as a representative of a club or organisation.


a) All bookings of premises or activities must be paid within 14 days of the invoice date or 7 days prior to your booking in which ever comes sooner. If you fail to settle the invoice in full within this time frame, you will pay interest on the overdue amount at the interest at the rate set out in the Late Payment of Commercial Debts Regulations 2013 (“Regulations”).

b) should for any reason your booking payments fall into arrears the booking may be cancelled and the appropriate action taken to recover any outstanding debt.

c) Applications for higher shall be made by completing the appropriate booking form available from your chosen “Progressive Lettings” facility.

d) At the initial application stage the hirer is expected to visit the “Progressive lettings” facility to familiarise themselves with the centre and safety features.

e) The hire procedure will only be deemed complete when written confirmation that the block booking has been accepted and sent to the hirer.

f) Block bookings will be renewed as follows.

Synthetic and grass pitches hire-seasonally: May and September.

Sports hall hire-every six months if needed: April and September

Block booking direct debit mandate (if required) and conditions of higher will be issued by an assistant service manager one month prior to your renewal.

 if both parties are happy with the agreement the hire will continue on a rolling basis until such time the booking is cancelled by either party 

g) Any cancellation requested by the hirer during the hire period will be still charged at the full cost of hire. Completion of a block booking guarantees you a regular booking for the period specified, we will however attempt to re let the space vacated should you wish to cancel. Any variance in income must be borne by you as the hirer. Informing the site at your earliest convenience increases the opportunity to resale.


1. It is the hirer’s responsibility to ensure that all persons attending during the hire period respect the centre and its equipment of higher at all times in an appropriate and safe manner.

2. Clubs who have members are run activities for those on the 16 years of age must have a child protection policy aswell in place. A copy of the policy must be presented alongside a completed booking form.

2a all hirers need to be made aware that Progressive School Lettings staff are not first aid qualified and that it is the hirers responsibility to provide a first aider and relevant equipment.

3. The hirer shall ensure that equipment or personal belongings at any time do not obstruct any emergency exits or pathways.

4. The hirer must immediately report any faults or defects that could potentially compromise the safety of “Progressive Lettings” users to the assistant service manager. 

5. The hirer must ensure that any accidents are reported without delay to the progressive school lettings member on site or one of the management team via email

6. Where car parking is provided the hirer must ensure strict compliance with any “Progressive Lettings” rules in case of an emergency. Vehicles must not be parked in such a way that access to and from the facility is restricted. Vehicles displaying a disabled parking pass should only occupy disabled parking bays.

7. The hirer shall be fully liable for loss or damage caused during the period of hire to the area of hire, fixtures, fittings, furniture and equipment of “Progressive Lettings” or customers.

8. The hirer shall not store equipment in the centre without first obtaining permission from a service manager or his/her representative. Upon arrival, the hirer shall produce a full inventory of equipment to be stored on the premises. All equipment stored must be done so in a safe and appropriate manner.

9. The storage of hazardous chemicals or substances that may be a threat to health or damage to property is not permitted. To obtain approval to store any substance or chemical, section 16 manufacturers data analysis sheet should be provided to the assistant service manager who will obtain a COSHH assessment. If team suitable and safe, approval will be given to bring the substance on the premises. The substance or chemicals should not be used strictly in line with instructions contained in the COSHH data sheet. The assistant service manager should be notified of any spillage or leaks immediately.

10. The hirer shall be responsible for providing equipment deemed as consumables e.g., rackets, bats, balls, shuttlecocks, etc. Any such equipment provided by PSL will be charged at the rate identified in the fees and charges.

11. The hirer shall not encroach on to hire periods either before or after the booking takes place.

12. Area is booked should not be entered until the start of the booking period. The erection, dismantling and storage of equipment should take place within the hire period.

13. “Progressive Lettings” reserves the right to refuse any application for hire, to cancel any letting at any time should it be required, to use the area of hire in an emergency or where there is a risk to health and safety of customers. In the event of a cancellation by “Progressive Lettings” the at most will be done to find a suitable alternative accommodation. If a booking is cancelled by “Progressive Lettings” and a suitable alternative cannot be agreed upon or found, the original cost of higher will be refunded. “Progressive Lettings” will not be responsible for any other expenditure undertaken or loss incurred by the hirer in connection with a cancellation or termination.

14. “Progressive Lettings” reserves the right to refuse admission to any person wishing to enter any “Progressive Lettings” centre or grounds.

15. The hirer shall not sublet the hired area without written consent from the service manager.

16. The hiring of a “Progressive Lettings” area does not entitle the hirer to use or enter the area at any other time than the hire period.

17. The area of hire is in the care and custody of the hirer during the period of hire. Under no circumstances does “Progressive Lettings” accept responsibility for any loss, damage or injury that incurs to any person or persons during the hire period from the act of neglect of faults of the hirer.

18. The hirer shall indemnify “Progressive Lettings” against all costs, claims, proceedings and demands whatsoever and however arising from the act of neglect by the hirer. The hirer is advised to consider taking out third-party insurance cover for the period of hire.

19. Termination of an agreement by the hirer requires a minimum notice period of 28 days and to be given to “Progressive Lettings”. Confirmation of a termination must be given in writing or emailed to the relevant “Progressive Lettings” facility.

20. “Progressive Lettings” reserves the right to impose any further conditions to such an extent considered necessary.

21. Failure to comply with “Progressive Lettings” conditions of higher guidelines and booking procedure may result in the cancellation of your booking.